In my previous post on “The State of Crypto in 2022”, Exchanges were talked about as the main point of on-ramping and off-ramping - a way to convert fiat into crypto and back. We see extended capabilities by Regulators in the light of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, with the FBI…
What's currently on the table for discussion in US congress, and what the future might look like for crypto worldwide
Understanding China's E-commerce giant, how it supercharged its scale, and the hurdles faced amid China's crackdown in 2021.
Its a great milestone for Uber, with its platform starting to pay off. Microsoft would also like to reiterate they've always been in the workplace…
Earnings season is here! Tech is doing really well despite Semicon scares, while blockchain use cases are starting to ramp up.
Its a heavy week on crypto, as we lead up into Tech earnings in 2 weeks' time. We talk about Google's streaming strategy, and how blockchain and crypto…
China's debt bubble problems loom with Evergrande failures cascading, NFTs and content collide, Space-based wifi in your airplane
Twitch has its full code and streamer earnings released on the web. Paying for your dates start from a cab ride.
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