Reigning In Tech Titans, and the relationship of competition and resource.
More country-level updates today. We’re also going to try something different - more memes, and less words - would this be more digestible for you? Let…
ARM China Goes Rogue, Platform Businesses Upended, NXP Semicon's CFO Heads For The Exit.
Pfizer's approved, Tech companies and National intervention, Robotaxis roll out
Amazon overtakes Walmart, the Metaverse of workplaces begins, Apple and Google scale down healthcare products.
Fighting over JEDIs, metaverses becoming mainstream, coinbase controversy
Macro Vaccination Schedules Japan has a major spike, but thankfully in vaccinations. A sluggish rollout in the year has ramped up. Similarly, Vietnam h…
Crazy earnings growth from ad businesses, higher noodle prices, Robinhood's lacklustre debut.
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