In our complex world, we get blasted with tons of information, but fewer insights - these are what we really need to understand and make decisions on.

The Intersect serves to find the important, focal points so you get distilled insights within 7 minutes or so - just like over a coffee chat.

What Content Can You Expect?

Weekly Market Updates and Links

All subscribers (free & paid) get access to a “highlights of the week” of markets around the world. You get a summarized version of all that happened on a company-specific, industry-level.

There may be large macro changes worth talking about which affects earlier assumptions too.

All About / Deep Dives

Some of the updates or coverage are worth digesting in longer-form, as they may have a running history behind them.

Additionally, large companies may deserve their own piece when understanding their business model before going into their valuation.

Some of these are also on request-basis, which we will dedicate more time and diligence to.

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